Phosphorus - doped latex source manual

    Product name: P227 phosphorus - doped latex source

    Alias: Phosphorus source, latex source

    Properties: Colorless transparent liquid, slightly odour.Irritant, corrosive, flammable.

    Main raw material: ethyl silicate phosphorus pentoxide

    Packing method: 1000ML plastic bottle with thread mouth

    Validity: 60 days (2~5 degrees in refrigerator)

    Recommended applications: semiconductor diodes, silicon wafers, solar chip phosphorus diffusion applications.

    Restricted use: not for medicinal, food, household or other purposes.

    Manufacturer: Shanghai Meishu Chemicals Co., Ltd

    Address: Room 1301, No. 1085, Zhenchen Road, Shanghai


    matters need attention; matters needing attention;...

    Hazard information: flammable, corrosive liquids

    Precautions: Keep away from sparks and open flames. No fireworks

    emergency treatment; first aid measures; first aid...

    Skin contact: wipe the poison with soft paper or cotton as soon as possible, rinse the skin thoroughly with soapy water and water or soak with 3% sodium bicarbonate solution.Then rinse thoroughly with water.If you feel unwell, seek medical advice.

    Eye contact: wipe the poison with soft paper or cotton as soon as possible, separate the eyelids, and rinse with running water or normal saline.If you feel unwell, seek medical advice.

    Inhalation: leave the scene quickly to fresh air.Give artificial respiration when necessary.Go to a doctor.If breathing is difficult, give oxygen.Do not use mouth-to-mouth resuscitation if the patient ingested or inhaled the substance. Use a one-way valve respirator or other appropriate medical respirator.

    Ingestion: take by mistake immediately gargle, to drink milk or egg white.Do not induce vomiting.If you feel unwell, seek medical advice.

    fire protection

    Fire extinguishing method: sand soil, dry powder.Foam or carbon dioxide extinguishing agent.No water.If the substance or contaminated fluid enters the waterway, notify downstream users with potential water contamination and notify local health and fire officials and pollution control departments.

    Avoid using direct running water to extinguish the fire. Direct running water may cause flammable liquid to splash and spread the fire.Eliminate all ignition sources

    Fire fighting precautions and protective measures:

    Fire personnel should wear full - body fire fighting clothing, wearing air - carrying breathing apparatus, in the upwind.

    Isolate the accident site and prohibit the entry of irrelevant personnel.Receive and dispose fire water to prevent environmental pollution.

    Emergency treatment of leakage

    Isolate the leakage contaminated area, set warning signs around, do not contact the leakage directly, do not make the leakage and combustible substances (wood, paper, oil, etc.) contact, do not spray water directly to the leakage, do not let the water into the packaging container.Carefully sweep up, add a small amount of water to a large amount, adjust to neutral, then put into the wastewater system.If there is a large leak, remove it under the guidance of a technician.

    Do not touch or cross the spill.

    All equipment used in the operation should be connected to the ground.

    Cut off the source of leakage as much as possible.

    Environmental protection measures: take in the leakage to avoid polluting the environment.Prevent leaks from entering sewers, surface water and groundwater.Reception, removal method and disposal materials used for leaking chemicals: small leakage: collect the leaking liquid in airtight containers as far as possible.Absorbed with sand, activated carbon or other inert materials and transferred to a safe place.Do not flush down the drain.


    Precautions for use and storage:

    1, away from fire, heat source.The packing must be sealed and protected from moisture.Should be stored separately from flammable, combustible, alkali, etc.Prevent damage to packaging and containers.It is not suitable for transportation in rainy weather.

    2,  Pour as much as you use.Because the source is volatile, to quickly smear, the original bottle cap cover.

    3, the phosphorus source should be put in the refrigerator of 2~5 degrees, do not be reliable refrigerator wall.


    4. Pay attention to hand protection when using this product: wear anti-poison penetration gloves.

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