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    Company strength
    The original focus is the same
    Be real: be real, treat people sincerely, do things sincerely.
    Focus on doing things: no distractions, dedication, perseverance.
    Responsible Professional Value
    Responsible for the development of each consulting firm.Respect the needs of customers, and based on their own professional understanding to provide customers with helpful solutions, to ensure the results of the program, only do their own expertise.Not for the temptation of temporary interests, do not do superficial, and strive to have a breakthrough in each project, while helping customers to achieve their own professional progress, to provide customers with valuable consulting services.Each solution is tailored, each project is matched with the right team, so that each investment of the customer is exaggerated.
    An organization with professional contributions and trusted by customers
    We strive to better serve the enterprise and the industry development with years of professional accumulation, and hope that the cultural management practice of Chinese enterprises can become a model for the world to learn.
    We hope to win the trust of customers with professional spirit and consulting effectiveness, help customers succeed, build and constantly improve the cultural management methodology and technical tools suitable for Chinese enterprises, and make contributions to the development of the industry.

    Join condition
    1. Fully understand and highly agree with the franchise concept and operation mode of franchising agents;Have a certain understanding of microelectronics industry, and have a strong interest and desire to join;
    2. It has obtained the legal scope of business with the qualification of legal person within the territory of China;Can join the agent business;
    3. Obey the unified management of the company, accept the training of the company, have a good reputation, and have the attitude of long-term cooperation;Have a correct understanding of the risks and benefits of investing and joining and have sufficient psychological preparation;
    4, franchisees must truthfully fill in the application form to join, comprehensive evaluation and examination of qualified before formal authorization to join;
    5. The franchisee shall bear all the expenses for the product distribution and other non-complimentary items of the company;Willing to accept the unified management mode;
    6. Diligent, entrepreneurial enthusiasm, business ability, management and coordination ability;Other franchise conditions.

    The quality control
    Quality policy: sincerity as the forerunner, pragmatism as the foundation, quality achievement, honesty casts the future

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